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1D heat transfer in a tank


Im a new to Amesim and I am trying to simulate the 1D heat transfer from a body (T1 °C) in a tank (T2<T1 e.g.).
The body is at some temperature and you have a tank filled with some liquid that has a variable area.
I found the tank with variable shape in the hydraulics library but not in the thermal one.
Is there some way of dividing the height of the tank in sections that are thermally and hydraulically connected to each other?


 Would appreciate any help! Smiley Very Happy 


Thank you,



Re: 1D heat transfer in a tank

Hello AC,


At the moment all the tanks (hydraulic, thermal hydraulic, aircraft fuel system) are represented with a single volume of liquid, hence there is only one temperature for the liquid contained in the tank.

In the thermal hydraulic or aircraft fuel system one, these tanks have thermal ports which allow to exchange heat with the liquid in the tank (also with the air in the tank for the aircraft fuel library).



The modelling of the tank walls is externalised from these components, a conceptual example is shown below. Here three 'walls' are modelled as 'single temperature node' which exchange heat through the conduction models with the liquid in the tank.



I hope this helps.



Re: 1D heat transfer in a tank

To complement my previous answer, you can discretize the wall thermally along any directions:

Horizontally - with base blocks (or ready to use wall model) and then vertically and eventually along both directions.


Re: 1D heat transfer in a tank

Thanks for the reply!

Had the same idea: use only thermal library and divide my tank into small blocks (similar to meshing in FEM). Now if my tank is filled with water and considering only conduction and radiation, one can prepare something useful I think. I dont want to start with cosimulation with FEA software because performance issues. I want to make a simple model so "accurate" that it gives a good approximation.

I have to change the solid data to water properties. Do you know if someone has already done this and i can dowload it?

I will keep working on it and I will probably post more questions!


Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: 1D heat transfer in a tank

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As you said, there is only the possiblity to model the liquid of the tank as a single volume of liquid with the components given.


Is there some way to discretize the liquid volume of the tank into "blocks"?

What if i have for example a heat flow source in one block(one position in the tank) and the temperature at another block (e.g. at x distance left from the heat source)?



Re: 1D heat transfer in a tank

Hi AC,


I'm not aware of anybody having doe this before (thermal solid properties using fluid data). I think it's worth giving it a go.


Concerning the splitting of a tank into several volumes, you can use 2 tanks which are connected with a 'big enough' orifice so that they behave as one. See the cascading tank demo for aircraft fuel system library. This works well for horizontal splitting but that method can't be applied for vertical splitting.