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AME2SLcosim simulink component



I am having a problem loading the AME2SLcosim simulink component, when I try to open the mex file created from my amesim model this log appears in the matlab command window.



Re: AME2SLcosim simulink component



What Matlab/Simulink version are you using?

Have you been able to use the import previously?

Finally, are you launching Matlab from the Amesim menu? This helps to configure Matlab properly.


The main thing is to have a MATLAB environment variable pointing to your Matlab installation folder.



Re: AME2SLcosim simulink component

[ Edited ]

Hi Emmanuel,


MATLAB    Version 9.0         (R2016a)
Simulink  Version 8.7          (R2016a)

I haven't been able to import it previously using the amesim component (from LMS AMESim interfaces library)  however I am able to run it when I use a S function (from user-defined functions library). However now I'm running to issues when I want to select my solver, so thats why I want to use your built in S-function to carry the work I'm doing.


I have checked that my MATLAB variable is set to the installation folder.






Re: AME2SLcosim simulink component

We've used 2016a successfully.


1. What Amesim version are you using?

2. Have you launched Matlab from Amesim menu Tools/Start Matlab...

Re: AME2SLcosim simulink component

I am using AMESim version 15.1 and yes I have been opening matlab through AMESim, sorry forgot to add that to my last post.



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‎03-27-2017 07:56 AM

Re: AME2SLcosim simulink component

For completion, the solution here was to put $AME/win64 at the begining of $PATH environment variable.