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AMESim component in Isight 5.8

Does anyone have any experience using AMESim with Isight workflow package?


I believe there used to be an AMESim component within Isight but it seems that is no longer available and now AMEpilot needs to be used. I am having trouble getting the packages to talk to each other so any guidance or 'how to' type documentation would be appreciated.




Re: AMESim component in Isight 5.8

See attached FAQ.

Re: AMESim component in Isight 5.8

Thanks, will try this out. Do you have a link to the FAQ index or area please? That would be very useful.

Re: AMESim component in Isight 5.8



Managed to get this running using the FAQ document (Thanks for the help). Has anyone been able to run AMESim models in parallel using Isight? Isight doesn't seem to be able to put copies of the AME model file into the parallel folders it has created. Can anyone help?


I'll raise a support request if required and post feedback on here.