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Amesim Post processing values

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I have a velocity signal and the displacement signal of a body.

I need to extract the distance travelled between two known velocity values.


Can anyone help me?


Re: Amesim Post processing values

Hi Barile,

use a post-processing variable which looks like:

Where speed is another post-processing variable equal to your speed.

Re: Amesim Post processing values

Hi Emmanuel,

I have the speed range where I want to calulate the distance travelled but not the corresponding time values
Accepted by topic author Barile91
‎01-25-2017 12:24 PM

Re: Amesim Post processing values

In that case you can try:
integ(restrict(A1,reachTime(A1,60),reachTime(A1,40))) where A1 is the speed.
But beware reachTime will grab the first time instant at which 60 (or 40) is reached.
If it happens several times you would have to combine with restrict() again.

Re: Amesim Post processing values

thank you again Emmanuel!!