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Automatically open an App


Is there a way to start automatically an app, and display it once the modell (in which the app is attached) is open.

Thank you


Accepted by topic author mAx
‎05-22-2017 01:20 AM

Re: Automatically open an App

Hi @mAx


unfortunately it seems it is not possible to automatically start an App once you open a model.

The opening of the App needs always to be triggered by the user.


Kind regards

Re: Automatically open an App

Thank you @Domi for the feedback.


Appart from the initial question, I would like also to ask if there is a possibility to automatically update the graph like in REV15.

I mean I see the evolution of the curve while the solver is running.

Re: Automatically open an App

[ Edited ]

Hi @mAx 


If you want to update the plot window during the simulation, just activate the auto update feature by clicking on the "clock" icon at the bottom right of the plot window.activate automatic updateactivate automatic update

If this icon is colored so activated, it will refresh the graph automatically.


Have a nice day




All you need is a solver and here we go!

Re: Automatically open an App

Hello @JeremyLeboi,

Thanks for your reply.

I forgot to mention the need to enforce the graph update within the app (python).

Have a nice week


Re: Automatically open an App

Hi @mAx


Have yo tried using the "amepyplot.PlotWidget.updateGraphs()" which looks like to the "amepyplot.Graph.update()" method inside your app?


The AMEHelp will surely help you, as all the available methods are described with many examples.

Check the Amesim "Customization" help section in the Amesim help.


This method updates all the graphical elements of graphs (curves, titles position, ..).


All you need is a solver and here we go!