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Bug on Parameter / variable Display [14.0]


Since I migrated on V14.0; I noticed something weird today.

On some component, I am not able to see the parameter or variable from this component.

Instead I get the list of all components in my system.

Check the picture where I display the parameter and the variable on a orifice.

Thanks for any tip




Re: Bug on Parameter / variable Display [14.0]

Hello mAx,


Try to run a "Check submodels...": in Sketch mode press CTRL+K and "Update all".

Another option could be to re-set the submodel of your orifice in Submodel mode.



Re: Bug on Parameter / variable Display [14.0]

hello @Emmanuel_D and thank you fro your reply.

I did all what you adviced, but still the same.

Other information: I have an orifice which give me no problem, if I copy and paste this component, the copied component make me trouble.

Now I tried following: I take the orifice from the library, and the same is happening.

Accepted by topic author mAx
‎10-18-2016 06:45 AM

Re: Bug on Parameter / variable Display [14.0]

Alright, a quick restart of AMESim fixed it...