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Combustion chamber of CFM model didn't burn

Hi, I'm using the IFP library to build a model of Turbocharged CNG Gasoline Engine. But currently i've found that after i added the turbo group , the CFM combustion chamber didn't burn. All the parameters i've set seem normal . Are there other parameters that can effect the combustion deeply?

Accepted by topic author scohennessy89
‎07-21-2016 04:34 AM

Re: Combustion chamber of CFM model didn't burn

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Adding a turbocharger should not change the combustion phasing. It will increase the intake mass flow rate and so, increase the volumetric efficiency. In the CFM combustion chambers, the turbulence maps (cut-off/tumble) are function of the volumetric efficiency.

I recommend to:

- check if the volumetric efficiency is correct,

- check if your turbulence maps are defined for those values (if not, a linear extrapoaltion is done and can lead to inconsistent values)