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Dashboard use while running cosimulation



im trying to run my amesim model through a Usercosim interface from another programm. I am not able to automatic update (see "online" changes in) the dashboard I created in Amesim before.

Is it possible to see/control some values online through the dashboard while using UserCosim or is it impossible since Amesim is working as a slave for the third party software?


ThanksSmiley Wink



Re: Dashboard use while running cosimulation

Hello AC1,

When your cosimulation is finished, can you see the results in Amesim?
If so, when you have turned on "Automatic update" the dashboard should be able to read the results 'live'.

Maybe you have moved the dll generated for the cosimulation and it doesn't stand next to your Amesim model...
Another way to check if the result file is created 'at the right place' is to navigate to where your Amesim model is save and after you launch the simulation from your master software, check if a modelname_.results file is created.


Re: Dashboard use while running cosimulation

Hi Emmanuel,


the _.results files is created where i saved my model.

My model is with wall clock synchronised. When i start the simulation with my software through usercosim interface, i can for example drag and drop variables in amesim and with the automatic update follow the changes in "real time" (with this i mean "second after second" clock time)

My dashboard is set to automatic update before i start simulation, but i can only see the changes once I have stopped the simulation. I am not able to see the changes while my simu is running, it doesnt update automatically.

Sorry for repeating myself but i might not be understanding the automatic update function.

When i created my model "offline" I used the dashboard and wall clock time synchronisation to lead my simulation through dashboard (clicks on button to switch on/off, display to see value changes, etc). But i do not get the same behaviour now that i start the simulation like that.

The control signals are coming of course from another program through the interface block and linked to my submodels. But I would like to be able to control some switches "online" with the dashboard and not through the interface block signals.


Re: Dashboard use while running cosimulation

Hi AC1,


indeed I could reproduce the issue with an Amesim/Amesim cosimulation.


In the slave model, plots update but for some reason it seems the dashboard doesn't update even with Automatic update activated.


I suggest you use GTAC to report the issue, this way you will be able to monitor its status.

Sorry about the inconvenience.



Re: Dashboard use while running cosimulation

Alright. I just wanted to know if it was my model or it is amesim's slave behaviour.
Thank you again for your fast replies Smiley Happy
I will report it.