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How to model Needle Roller Bearings using Amesim

I want to model needle roller bearing used in transmission to restrict oil flow through it. If I have the bearing specs can I model it using Amesim. Also, it should be able to simulate the pumping action due to relative speed of the two shafts.

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Re: How to model Needle Roller Bearings using Amesim


Thank you so much for your question.


The answer is yes you can use Amesim for needle bearing modeling and I will explain what is possible using the powertrain/transmission library/features :


- We have some dedicated simple models for needle bearing with efficiency map (relative speed, loads, temperature dependant) or even a simpler one with only a constant efficiency coefficient. You choose those mapped model using direct parameters.


- We have some advanced models with Mechanical&Thermal ports that will bring interactions with oil in case of lubricated bearing. You can then combine the bearing model with thermal and oil libraries of Amesim. Those libraries bring flow rate and pressure variations around and into the bearing. You can then add (graphically with signal blocks or using an editor-Ameset) equations for relative speed dependency and/or "pocketing-pumping" phenomena.


thank you

Fabrice GALLO

Product Line Manager


Re: How to model Needle Roller Bearings using Amesim



as a complement to Fabrice's answer you can have a look at existing demo models.

In Amesim, open the Help menu and navigate to "Get LMS Amesim demo..."


You can have a look at:

- Lubrication_AT_Hybrid_Bus step 1 and  2 for example using the "Powertrain" library bearings

- bearingLoadProjection, still using powertrain bearing and focusing on bearing loads

- Lubrication_with_thermal_friction using the "Thermal Hydraulic Resistance" bearings


For any demo that you open from that menu, you can open an associated documentation using the HTML report button as shown below:

Amesim demo helpAmesim demo help

Re: How to model Needle Roller Bearings using Amesim

Thanks Fabrice and Emmanuel for your feedback. I had alook at the demo models mentioned by you and corresponding HTML report. It should help me to simulate flow thru bearings but we currently dont have powertrain library. to run these submodels. So not able to understand its capabilities fully.