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I need some idea that how modeling AC motor

Hi again!
This time, I wonder how makes AC motor model in LMS Amesim
using AC motor performance curve like this




using Torque - RPM data map


At first, I am curious what is the input signal in LMS Amesim AC motor model
to make that kind of data map


input Torque like this signal?





or input angular speed speed signal?






Thank you in advance




Accepted by topic author Kuro
‎12-04-2016 07:20 PM

Re: I need some idea that how modeling AC motor


regarding the speed input to your model, both are OK as you span the speed range of interest to get your plot.

Yet is would be easier to directly have the speed input on the machine shaft as it is done in the demo



 Also from what I see in your performance curve, your machine is in a close loop configuration with a torque control. The maximum torque/power displayed are the result of a current/voltage limitation and the voltage input to the machine will be modulated depending on the torque request(max here), speed and inverter voltage. You can setup such a close loop configuration using the field oriented vector control block EMDSCIMFOC01 for instance. Such a demo exists for a PMSM machine in:


you can adapt this one for your SCIM. Enjoy!



Re: I need some idea that how modeling AC motor

thank you for your advice


I'll make an AC motor model according to that example Smiley Happy