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SL2AMECOSIM model creation error



i have an issue with importing simulink models into AMESIM via SL2AMEcosim.

With Matlab 2007 the procedure (using old_sl2amecosim) worked fine, but when I  tried to change to Matlab 2015 (which uses new_sl2amecosim) it didn't work out anymore.
The problem is that in the new version the multidimensional signal output is split into a bunch of scalar outputs, which isn't compatible with my other submodels anymore.


How can I fix that?

Did the requirements for the Simulink model (port definitions etc.) change, or is my current modeling approach deprecated?


Re: SL2AMECOSIM model creation error

[ Edited ]

Hello @R_Beyer


what is your issue exactly?

- sl2amecosim failing. In which case what error do you get?

- sl2amecosim fine but you can't connect the resulting submodel to your existing Amesim model? If it's an issue of vector/scalar you may have to use mux submodel from signal and controls library to combine scalar outputs from your submodel into a vector signal (use demux submodel for the opposite operation).