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Tractor tire model


I have to analyze the braking performance of a tractor using the Pacejka tire model. I have only the vertical load and the vertical stiffness. How can I define all the other parameters of the Pacejka formula?


Re: Tractor tire model

Dear Barile,


If you have access the shape of the curve "Fx vs longitudinal slip" then you can use the tool which is linked with the tire model of the Transmission library. This is an App that you can launch from the contextual view in parameter mode in order to identify the Pacejka coefficients.

Otherwise, you can use a more simple model of tire (tanh or simplified Pacejka) and estimate the parameters.


Hope this will help you.

Best regards


Re: Tractor tire model

thank you clem for your reply,
I know that App but I'm trying to find the Pacejka parameters of tractor tires