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Variable Integration

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Is it possible to integrate a variable between 2 times on the fly with the post-processing tool,

without modifying the circuit by inserting some components from the signal/control library.


For instance I have a flowrate chart Q=f(t), and I want to know the volume of flow  between t1 & t2

--> V= integral(Q) between t1 and t2


Thanks in advance


Accepted by topic author mAx
‎02-08-2017 06:45 AM

Re: Variable Integration

Hi @mAx


Yes you can use the "integ" post-processing function. You can combine it with the "restrict" function if you want to limit this integration between t1 and t2.


Kind regards

Re: Variable Integration

Got it!

Thank you

Re: Variable Integration

One question more.

What about the units?

If I integrate the flow rate in L/min, does AMESim modify the units since time is in s, or do I have to convert the flow rate in L/s?


Re: Variable Integration

Indeed, post-processing won't know if the unit is L/min or Pa or L or whatever, so you need to convert to the unit of interest.
The easiest may be to change the unit from L/min to L/s in the original submodel and then drag this into post-processing view to get the conversion factor.


Re: Variable Integration

Thank you @Emmanuel_D,

I only divide my variable by 60 in the post-processing tool.

it makes also the job