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license roaming (borrowing) for LMS AMESim



I have a floating license and would like to use the license roaming (borrow the license) to my laptop when away from the office network.  I was told that I would be able to borrow (roaming) the license before purchasing.


The server license file shows the max_roam=28 (days).


I checked the help file on the RLM sever and it mentioned "If you have an rlm_roam license ...". 


It sounds like I now need need an rlm_roam license file on my local computer.  Is this correct and if so, how do I go about this?


I created an RLM_ROAM environment variable in my Windows system variables as this is where I had to put the link to my RLM server, but this did not work.


More details please.





Accepted by Emmanuel_D (Siemens Phenom)
‎01-22-2016 07:13 AM

Re: license roaming (borrowing) for LMS AMESim

Dear Desmond,


in LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim you will find an FAQ explaining the roaming feature (Help > FAQs FAQ L02  How can I use the RLM roaming functionality with LMS Amesim PDF | HTML).


This explain the process in details. Particularly you have to take care that it is not sufficient to set the environment variable. You have also to start LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim with all the features you will need offline to actually do the roaming.


For more information please contact your local support which will be able to help you on your particular case. To do that go on and select "create or update an IR" (IR stands for "Incident Request" and is basically a question to support).

You will need a webkey. If you don't have one you can create it with your soldto and Web Access Code (both are located in your license file).


Kind regards

Re: license roaming (borrowing) for LMS AMESim

Dear Desmond,


attached find you an actualized version of the FAQ where we implemented pictures in order to have a grafical help for the right settings.





Re: license roaming (borrowing) for LMS AMESim

G'day Marco,


Thanks for the updated instruction which are very easy to follow.


We have been following these instructions and we have taken the roaming license from the server, but are still having the issue of not able to use the roaming license on our laptops once it has been taken.  Due to the issue that we also cannot put the license back onto the server we loose are license until the end of the next day, so we have only test this each Friday afternoon.


We are following this up in a GTAC issue.