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mechanical Lever


I wanted to use the mechanical lever LML001, but I read that its use is restricted for angle less than 5-10 degrees.

In my application, I have a lever with 50° angle: is there a workaround, or should I treat my problem, with signal/control library (especiall f(x))?

Thank you for any feedback


Re: mechanical Lever

Hi Max,


LML001 is a simple transformer from one translation motion to another. The conversion formulas

do even not use the angle, but simply the ratio L1/L2.

The limitation in angle simply ensures that the evaluation of the angle corresponds to something physical.


To clarify the way it works, I would have used the representation below, using racks connected to

2 pinions of radius L1 and L2. Then no problem of angle.




If the angular position has an importance in your model, then you should switch to 2D world by

using Planar Mechanical library.



Re: mechanical Lever

Thanks for the reply.
The use of plm was the answer from the technical support.
But according to your reply, I may use the LML001, since I only use the ratio F1.L1=F2.L2