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How to encrypt a system where an LMS Imagine.Lab Ameset component is embedded in a supercomponent?

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Community Manager

Q: How to encrypt a system where you used an LMS Imagine.Lab Ameset component in a supercomponent for a client?


A: You have to encript the supercomponent. When you create the encrypted supercomponent, make sure that you have the sources of your LMS Ameset submodels in the category path list and that you are using the 'new encryption mechanism' in LMS Amesim preferences.


Now make sure the models you intend to share are effectively using the encrypted version of the supercomponent.

If you have overwrittent the un-encrypted version, launch a 'Check submodel'.

If you have created a specific encrypted submodel just apply it in Submodel mode.


If this fails, please, contact your local technical support.