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9058 Fatal Error

[ Edited ]

Hello everyone,


I am gettig 9058 fatal error message, does somebody know how tor resolve this porblem.


Looking forward to hear from soon.


Kind Regards



Re: 9058 Fatal Error

It is always best to include the full text of an error message, as this makes it much easier for people to help. You should also advise what sort of analysis you are attempting.
This sort of error suggests no useful solution can be calculated. For example, there are no loads applied or every node in the model is fully constrained, or every node in the model has enforced displacement in all DoF. In each case, there is no effective solution to be run - although in the last case, one might like to get stresses, in which case, take the enforced displacement off just one of the nodes.

Re: 9058 Fatal Error



Attached please find the error message.