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API-loading displacements x,y,z from different data surfaces


I am trying to do:

if I have data_surface .ID=1,2,3  i would like to load displacemnet x with data surface.ID=1, displacement y with data surface.ID=2, and displacement z with ID=3.


I get to load displacment x but not the rest


loadgeom.Type (167) ' type of loading
loadgeom.geomtype (5) ' type of geometry: surfaces
loadgeom.variation = 4 ' load variation: see load geom properties

loadgeom.x = 1 ' pressure amplitude
loadgeom.y = 1 ' pressure amplitude
loadgeom.Z= 1 ' pressure amplitude

rc = entset.Select(5, True, "select surfaces") ' select surfaces dialog box

For k = 1 To number_freq
loadgeom.setID = k ' load ID

' loop for the surfaces selected

If entset.Count > 0 Then
feadID = entset.First()

While feadID > 0
rc = surf.Get(feadID)

data_surface.ID = k 'loading the data surface
loadgeom.geomID = feadID
loadgeom.DataSurface(0) = data_surface.ID
loadgeom.CSys = 0
loadgeom.Put (feadID)
feadID = entset.Next


end if


next k

Accepted by topic author jon_morga
‎06-08-2016 08:06 AM

Re: API-loading displacements x,y,z from different data surfaces

OK oI got it.  I was not able to find this option but in the end I got it



loadgeom.DataSurface(0) = k
loadgeom.DataSurface(1) = k +1
loadgeom.DataSurface(2) = k + 2