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API radiobutton



I'm working on an API where i have 2 steps.

Step 1 has 4 radiobuttons representing 4 different properties. Idea is to create a property when a radiobutton is checked. Currenlty i'm using select case to create the property.


Step 2 copies an existing element and updates to property created in step 1. Step 2 is a "case" under

Function DialogFunc%(DlgItem$, Action%, SuppValue%)

 whereas step 1 is under sub main()


I'm not able to create the property the moment radiobutton is checked. Property gets created only when i hit "ok" in the userform.


I'm looking for ideas on how to create properties immedietly after checking the radiobutton.


Appreciate any help.


Thank you



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‎02-25-2016 10:19 AM

Re: API radiobutton


Here's an example you can start from.



'public variable so as to access it from DialogFunc
Dim App As femap.model

Sub Main
    Set App = feFemap()

    Begin Dialog UserDialog 150,90,.DialogFunc
        OptionGroup .opt
            OptionButton 10,10,150,20,"Create a node"
            OptionButton 10,30,150,20,"Create a point"
        OKButton 50,60,60,20
    End Dialog
    Dim dlg As UserDialog

    If Dialog(dlg) = 0 Then End
End Sub

Function DialogFunc(DlgItem$, Action%, SuppValue?) As Boolean
    Select Case Action%
    Case 1 ' Dialog box initialization
    Case 2 ' Value changing or button pressed
        If DlgItem = "opt" Then
            If DlgValue("opt") = 0 Then  'node
                Dim n As femap.Node
                Set n = App.feNode
                App.feAppMessage(FCM_NORMAL,"New node created")

            ElseIf DlgValue("opt") = 1 Then  'point
                Dim p As femap.Point
                Set p = App.fePoint
                App.feAppMessage(FCM_NORMAL,"New point created")
            End If

            App.feViewRegenerate(0)  'update view
            'DialogFunc = True  'do not exit dialog
        End If
    Case 3 ' TextBox or ComboBox text changed
    Case 4 ' Focus changed
    Case 5 ' Idle
    Case 6 ' Function key
    End Select
End Function


Re: API radiobutton

Thank you. Your API gave me a good understanding.

Re: API radiobutton



I want to create a UserDialog with a variable number of OptionButtons. The number of OptionButtons is dependant on the number of installed versions of Nastran, which is taken from a text file, which is subsequently read into the NastranCmds() array. I want the user to be able to select the Nastran version they want to use.


I have tried the following but to no avail.

    Begin Dialog UserDialog 150,90,.DialogFunc
            OptionGroup .opt
            For CmdIndex = 0 To UBound(NastranCmds)-1
                Position = 10 * CmdIndex +10
                OptionButton 10,Position,150,20,NastranCmds(CmdIndex)
            Next CmdIndex
        OKButton 50,Position + 30,60,20
    End Dialog
    Dim dlg As UserDialog
    If Dialog(dlg) = 0 Then End


Unfortunately, I am getting the following errors:


API Error (Line 238): Expecting a user dialog item definition. 
 			-->For CmdIndex = 0 To UBound(NastranCmds)-1 
API Error (Line 239): Expecting a user dialog item definition. 
 				-->Position = 10 * CmdIndex +10 
API Error (Line 241): Expecting a user dialog item definition. 
         	-->Next CmdIndex 
API Error (Line 242): Expecting at least two OptionButton definitions. 
         OKButton 50,Position + 30,60,20--> 
API Error (Line 245): Expecting a user dialog var. 
     If Dialog(dlg-->) = 0 Then End 


I have tried several different ways to write this, without succes.

As far as I can see, I am not allowed to define anything but a user dialog item within Begin Dialog and End Dialog.

Is there a way to create achieve what I want either with a user dialog or a dropdown list or whatever?






Re: API radiobutton



Try this drop-down option.  You'll need to dimension your NastranCmds() array outside of the dialog box definition.  You should be able to use the For loop method you have before "Begin Dialog..." to create the names / entries you want in the list.  Then, you'll see at the bottom I've printed which version the user selected to the messages window since dlg.list1 tells you which entry on the drop down list was choosen.


Sub Main()

    Dim App As femap.model
    Set App = feFemap

    Dim NastranCmds$(4)

    NastranCmds$(0) = "Nastran 11.0"
    NastranCmds$(1) = "Nastran 10.0"
    NastranCmds$(2) = "Nastran 9.0"
    NastranCmds$(3) = "Nastran 8.0"

    Begin Dialog UserDialog 200,105 ' %GRID:10,7,1,1
        text 10,10,180,15,"Select Nastran Version"
        DropListBox 10,25,180,60,NastranCmds(),.list1
        OKButton 50,70,90,21
    End Dialog
    Dim dlg As UserDialog
    dlg.list1 = 0       ' list1 is a numeric field
    Dialog dlg ' show dialog (wait for ok)
    Debug.Print NastranCmds$(dlg.list1)

    NastranVersionSelected = NastranCmds$(dlg.list1)
    App.feAppMessage(FCM_NORMAL,"User Selected:"+ NastranVersionSelected)

End Sub

Re: API radiobutton

This works perfectly!

Good to know that dropdown lists are also a capability of the FEMAP API.


Thank you.