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Creating node set using api

I have some problems using AddCoordinate command in Femap Api to create node set, does anyone have some experience using it?


Re: Creating node set using api



It is strictly similar to selection by coordinates (in any selection box, use "method>coordinate..."). In your case entityType = FT_NODE (femap constant which the API will recognise).

You can find the API doc in help>API> and 15. There are 2 very similar methods, the first will limit its search to entities visible on screen.







Re: Creating node set using api

Thank you for response, but my biggest issue right now is using several coordinates (all X,Y, Z). I have this line in my code:


ndSet.AddCoordinate(FT_NODE, 0, vbXYZ[1]=True vbXYZ[2]=True vbXYZ[3]=True, vnMode[1]=4 vnMode[2]=4 vnMode[3]=4, vdMin[1]=16294 vdMin[2]=18859 vdMin[3]=39749, vdMax[1]=16295 vdMax[2]=18861 vdMax[3]=39751)


I think something is fundamentally wrong in there.

Re: Creating node set using api

1) Keep in mind the fact that VB6 is 0-based by default, i.e. array begin at index 0. So when the API says "BOOL vbXYZ[3]" you have to dimension it with "Dim vbXYZ(2) as Bollean", and then

vbXYZ(0) = True  'this corresponds to X

vbXYZ(1) = True  'this is Y

vbXYZ(2) = True  'this is Z

If you have specified "Option Base 1" ignore this comment of course...


2) vnMode = 4 is "Select at Within tolerance", so, if that is indeed what you want to use then vdMin is the location and vdMax is the tolerance (easy to understand in a selection box, cf below).

Therefore the values you have entered don't seem right, it looks like you either wanted to use max/min (vnmode = 2 or 3) or you thought that vdmax-vdmin gave the tolerance.


Re: Creating node set using api

These were really stupid mistakes, but there is new thing. When I use this:

ndSet.AddCoordinate(FT_NODE, 0, vbXYZ(1)=True vbXYZ(1)=True vbXYZ(2)=True, vnMode(0)=3 vnMode(1)=4 vnMode(2)=3, vdMin(0)=16294 vdMin(1)=18859 vdMin(2)=39749, vdMax(0)=16295 vdMax(1)=18861 vdMax(2)=39751)


I get error:

API Error (Line 11): Expecting an already dimensioned array.


Strange thing is that xbXYZ should be defined as variant according to Object Browser, but in manual it is boolean. Might be this?

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Creating node set using api

If this is your exact syntax than VB won't accept it. Try something like this instead:


    Dim vbXYZ(2) As Boolean
    Dim vnMode(2) As Long
    Dim vdMin(2) As Double, vdMax(2) As Double

    vbXYZ(1)=True : vbXYZ(1)=True  :vbXYZ(2)=True
    vnMode(0)=3 : vnMode(1)=4 : vnMode(2)=3
    vdMin(0)=16294 : vdMin(1)=18859 : vdMin(2)=39749
    vdMax(0)=16295 : vdMax(1)=18861 : vdMax(2)=39751


Re: Creating node set using api

Thank you very much! It works, but selects multible nodes instead of one.