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Cyclic Symmetry

Hi, I am using FEMAP 11.1. I would like to create an Cycilic symmetry model in FEMAP and analyse in Nx Nastran. I could not see direct option and when i try to use CYCSYM cards i don't able to analyse the model. can some one please help me how to solve the problem. I have attached the .DAT file created from the example problem of user manual. Thanks in advance.

Re: Cyclic Symmetry

As far as I know, cyclic symmetry is not supoorted by FEMAP yet. But nastran yes. So you have to set up with code the needed commads



Re: Cyclic Symmetry

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Depending on your requirement, you can fudge cyclic symmetry in Femap using Mesh -> Connect -> Closest Link, to connect (via Constraint Equation... make sure you have an Active constraint set) all the nodes on one sector face with all the nodes on an EXACT MATCHING mesh of nodes on the other sector face.  You choose which DoF(s) you wish to connect/relate so that the constraint equation ensures that whatever is happening at one sector face is exactly replicated at the other sector face.  If the sector runs all the way to the cyclic axis, you will need to exclude those nodes on the axis from the selection (so the constraint equation is not connecting nodes to themselves).  You are likely to also want the Output Csys of all the (sector face) nodes to be in a cylindrical coord system so that the constraint equations are connecting the behaviour in a relevant coord system.

Re: Cyclic Symmetry

Thanks for your reply. I do agree that we didn't have direct feature/ GUI in FEMAP to setup the problem. I added the text line described in QRG, But still i am ending up with some error. Hope you might seen the file attached.


Please suggest on what are the Executive control cards and bulk data section to be used?

Re: Cyclic Symmetry

I could not see the attached file. Anyway I tried in the past with the code and I could not fix up the problem. As my model was small I decided to make the whole model not wasting time. Sorry I can not help you at this moment


I suggest to follow the method described by EndZ. I hope that in the future FEMAP will have this option because in other solvers it is already implemented since years