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Data surfaces - paste in data from Excel?

I have 8 nodes at which I need to define all 6 DOF as enforced displacements for 6 different cases. That is a lot of numbers to type in (480). Fortunately I have them tabulated in Excel, along with the node locations. I thought I would be able to paste them into a data surface and then apply that to the boundary conditions. However, I can't paste in the data from Excel into the data surface table. It pastes all of the data into a single cell.


How do you define large data surfaces from preexisting external data?

Is this approach going to work for enforced displacements at specific nodal coordinates? I'm planning to use an "Along Coordinates Data Surface".

Accepted by topic author Kava
‎01-25-2017 06:45 AM

Re: Data surfaces - paste in data from Excel?

Ctrl-V doesn't work, but right-click -> Paste does work.


I'd like to suggest that the ctrl-v behavior should be improved.