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Deleting unwanted Hardpoints on Mid-surface Curves

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Depending on the imported geometry, Femap can create hardpoints (points created at ends of imprinted curves). Is there any way other than Geo->Solid->Clean Up command to remove the above? I tried removing individual points by Delete->Geo>Points and with some I was able to remove them, but failed with others.


Note: I removed or deleted the curves which were attached to these points before attempting to delete them. Some of them refused to go still...


Please answer this ASAP. 


Re: Deleting unwanted Hardpoints on Mid-surface Curves


In FEMAP V11.3.X the  MESHING TOOLBOX > FEATURE REMOVAL > POINT command attempts to remove redundant point(s) from the geometry.


When attempting to remove multiple points, all of which were selected at the same time, the tool is designed to not remove certain points which are shared by curves with a large difference in curvature. There may be instances where the curvature is not really that different, for instance when a point is shared by two splines, but the tool will not remove that point due to this designed limitation. When only a single point is selected, the tool uses a more aggressive approach, which may allow the tool to remove these points, but only when selected one-by-one.


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Re: Deleting unwanted Hardpoints on Mid-surface Curves

Thx for the reply again. I just discovered that tool and like you have mentioned, I was able to remove the points after a few tries some times.