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Display Envelope Max Absolute Results?

Hi All,


Is there a way to display contour for the envelope max absolute values?  I've been using the "Process Output Data" and "Max Absolute Value" type to envelope my results, but it seems Femap doesn't store the Absolute value according to the manual:


Max Absolute Value enveloping: This method compares the envelope and added vector, and uses the maximum absolute value of the node/element. The enveloped data will still contain both positive and negative values. The absolute value of the data is not saved; it is just used for the comparison.




Accepted by topic author linhbui
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Display Envelope Max Absolute Results?



I don't know of a direct way to do this, but there are indirect ways:


- create the negative outputset (linearly combine FEMAP's MaxAbs set x -1) then envelope max


- use the "Model > Output > Calculate" function. For instance what you're looking for is MAX(ABS), so you would have to write something like


 MAX( ABS(VEC(1;7020;!i) ) ; ABS(VEC(2;7020;!i) ) )

(here this gives Max(Abs) of Set1 - Vec7020 with Set2 - Vec7020)


However this can get tedious for many sets/vectors



Re: Display Envelope Max Absolute Results?

Thanks for the reply Astrium,


At first, I was very confused on the first step, did you mean using the "Linear Combination" or "Envelope" operation?


After a few tries, I realized that I already combined the sets using the "Max Absolute Value" under the "Envelope" process.  Then using the "Calculate" function with the formula you suggested, I got what I needed.  Doing this I only have to find the Max(Abs) of 1 set for each vector that I want.


MAX( ABS(VEC(25,9000003,!i) ) )


Just a little less tedious.