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Enveloping Results for Specific Groups

I am working in a large model with a lot of results. I am trying to envelope the results for max and min values, but I would like to do it only for the critical areas to minimize processing time and data. Is there a way to envelope results only for a certain group of elements/nodes?

Accepted by topic author andyperez
‎04-26-2017 01:54 PM

Re: Enveloping Results for Specific Groups


I've made a video demo that can help address your envelope request here:

Re: Enveloping Results for Specific Groups

Thanks! That's perfect.


I do have one follow up question, though, after watching the video: when merging the enveloped results back into the original model, why do you have to include the nodes and elements? Are the output results not inherently mapped to a specific entity ID?

Re: Enveloping Results for Specific Groups

Right, they are not inherently mapped because the 'Merge' command is essentially creating a new model for you. It is a copy of the nodes and elements and a copy of the results. If you were to try to merge your envelope results set back to the original without some indication of what the results are tied to, your original model would be given new results sets devoid of any output vectors. This is why numbering is so important when merging.