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Error 1019 (OPNFL)

I have been running a fairly large assembly simulation successfully for the past couple weeks, in FEMAP (NX NASTRAN) changing gussets and such to determine the best design.  Last night I received the error listed above.  The only change between my last successful run and the current run is that I saved as a new file in the same folder, deleted some geometry, imported the updated geometry, replaced some rigid elements and load locations, and remeshed as needed.  I don't get any error message in FEMAP, or any message saying the run ended.  The output screen gets as far as printing out the number of elements translated, then nothing, elapsed time shows as 00:00:00.  I am unable to open the F04 or F06 file within FEMAP, using windows explorer I still can't open the F04 file, but the F06 file reads as follows:





    IOSTAT =            2, No such file or directory (errno=2)



I do get a log file, after listing the date and time for beginning the analysis I get the following two lines, which I suspect might be significant:



NX NASTRAN(iosdec): No such file or directory

forrtl: severe(66): output statement overflows record, unit -5, file Internal Formatted Write



Following that it runs through the Image/PC/Routine/Line/Souce columns, etc.



I'm a little lost on what exactly is happening here, and my google searches on the topic have been fairly fruitless.  Can anyone shed some light on what's going on?


Re: Error 1019 (OPNFL)

I hope you sorted this out for yourself since you posted, but if not.... there are some carry over aspects of Fortran where your choice of directory lengths and chosen characters still have practical limits. I suggest you radically simplify the folder/directory and the actual file name itself (shorter length and simplest characters) to be sure you haven't exceeded an obscure Fortran format limit when Nastran runs.

Re: Error 1019 (OPNFL)

I ended up reverting to a previously saved working file, saving as something else, re-applying my changes, and it worked.  Out of coincidence the name of the new saved file was shorter, so you are probably correct.  Thanks!