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Error message: Invalid model database

I am new to Femap and I just installed it on my computer. I am trying to open a model made on another computer, but I keep getting these error messages :


Invalid Model Database. Either model has been corrupted or you have selected a file that is not a model database.
Unable to Open Model to C:\Users\... \Temp\"name of model".src1

I can open the model without any problems on the other computer though.


Re: Error message: Invalid model database



On the other computer export a Femap neutral file. To do so, go to File / Export / Femap Neutral 

Under File Format choose the Femap version you have on your computer (the second one). 


Then, in the second computer import the neutral file : File / Import / Femap Neutral.

You could also open it directly. 




Seif Eddine Naffoussi, Stress Engineer