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Exporting mesh mass properties of groups

I have a model with hundreds of groupings, and I need to extract the mesh mass properties of each group. The mass properties tool dumps this information into the message window, with a format that is not well formatted for clipboard operations. It would be great if this could be feed into the data table, but that functionality seems to be reserved for solution outputs \ results. I am considering writing a matlab script to sort through the message window output and extract the desired data. That said, I am new to FEMAP and am wondering if there is a better utility to do this or if this could be accomplished with a simple API script. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.   


Re: Exporting mesh mass properties of groups

Are you trying to copy the data into Excel? If so, we can write an API that will send the data there directly from Femap from any number of groups.  Would you like each group to be on a seperate worksheet?

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‎02-03-2017 04:06 PM

Re: Exporting mesh mass properties of groups

If you are looking to still use the data table, attached are some nice examples for you.

Re: Exporting mesh mass properties of groups

Thank you, that is so gracious of you to offer Smiley Happy  And yes, I am interested in exporting to Excel. Seperate worksheets is fine if that is easier to script. Everything in one sheet where the groups are in rows and the properties in columns would also work. I am most interested in the following outputs of the calculator:


- number of elements in the group

- Structural mass

- Structural mass CG (X,Y,Z) in default CS 0

- Inertia about CS 0 (Ixx, Iyy, Izz, Ixy, Iyz, Izx)

- Inertia about group CG - allinged with CS 0 (Ixx, Iyy, Izz, Ixy, Iyz, Izx)


Thank you again, much appreciated !


Re: Exporting mesh mass properties of groups

Thank you! This is an excellent starting point for me, and will help bring me up to speed on APIs. I will modify this code to include additional data table columns of the calculated results of interest. Thanks again for the head start, very much appreciated Smiley Happy