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FEMAP Export model to CSI SAP 2000

Has anyone pratice to export model to CSI SAP 2000 solver from FEMAP ?

I tried to use Nastran format for a beam model but probably CSI SAP 2000 accepts only some type of elements. The import result was only a nodes definition (no element and no section was traslated).

Any suggestion about how to solve this problem ?



Re: FEMAP Export model to CSI SAP 2000

Might be a bit tricky.


I activated the Preferences...Interfaces...Enable Old Iterfaces and got this as available formats:

Export Formats.png


I didn't see anything that indicated SAP 2000 directly.


I've done transfers to STAAD before and a key to debugging the export was to go the other way (STAAD to FEMAP).  Then I saw how the export/import engine worked and learned quite a bit on formatting my FEMAP model to create as little errors going to STAAD.


So in other words, see if you can import a simple SAP 2000 model to FEMAP first and hopefully that helps with some insight.


Sorry I can't offer much more help than this.

Re: FEMAP Export model to CSI SAP 2000

Your aswer is very usefull.

I used STAAD interface and for BEAM Element worked pretty good.

SAP2000 imported a model made in FEMAP with BEAM Property.

RBE3 element was not traslated but for me is not a problem.


Thank a lot,



Re: FEMAP Export model to CSI SAP 2000

Try the MTAB STRESS translator as well, I believe it was based on SAP.