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FEMAP Trial Activation

Hello all,

I have installed the FEMAP Trial version 11.3.2 and received an activation code. When launching FEMAP for the first time, an activation window appears prompting me to enter said code. I do so, it launches the FEMAPSLU.exe command window. It hangs for a bit, then the activation window comes back again prompting me for the activation code - as if nothing happened.


The FEMAP UI does not open. I've checked the activation code, the firewalls - everything seems fine.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.



Re: FEMAP Trial Activation

Are you trying this with admin privileges?


Accepted by topic author TRIAL
‎06-23-2017 08:38 AM

Re: FEMAP Trial Activation

HI Al,

Yes, and it did not work!

Thanks for the help. I'll close this topic.