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FEMAP animation frame capture


I would like to show correlation between normal mode results of two similar models, one being a full span aircraft, the other being a semi-span with centerline symmetry constraints. Ideally, one would obtain screen captures of each correlated mode set with the same model view orientation and with the eigenvector phase angle matched. For example, 1st wing bending consists of a upward deflection and a downward deflection, and it seems that FEMAP does not allow you to specify which endpoint or point inbetween that is shown in the standard deformed view. This can make comparisons between models difficult when the mode shapes are displayed at disimilar deformations. PATRAN (which I avoid using if at all possible) has a feature that allows you to step through animations frame by frame and similar screen captures can be obtained this way (cropping down each screen capture is time consuming though). The FEMAP animation control tool does not allow you to perform a screen capture on a paused frame of an animation.... Am I missing something here?     


The best workaround I found aisde from saving animations (which are great but not accceptable for formal reports), is to save a bitmap sequence of each animation. If you limit the animation to two frames, you get the two extremes of deflection from each model and the bitmaps required to provide the desired comparison. However, this takes a lot more time than... pause animation --> ctrl + shift + c --> paste


Is there a faster way to do this? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. 


Re: FEMAP animation frame capture

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Interesting!. Under FILE > PREFERENCES > VIEWS> PICTURE SAVE DEFAULTS > GIF OPTIONS > ANIMATION OPTIONS you can activate SAVE GIF FRAME SERIES, this way you can use later the BMP files to generate the GIF file.

Also, for animation mode shapes please remember to deactivate in the POSTPROCESSING OPTIONS button the option ANIMATION - POSITIVE ONLY, this way the mode shape animation is better, more natural.


What I miss in FEMAP is the capability to perform CORRELATION in order to quantify and visualize the level of agreement between two sets of modal results (this is available only in NX CAE) and correlate modal results between structural analysis and test modal analysis results (test-analysis) or between two sets of structural analyses (analysis-analysis). Hopefully, one day could we have in FEMAP as well??, please ...


Mode Shape of the Reference modelMode Shape of the Reference modelMode Shape of the Work modelMode Shape of the Work model
The requirement when performing correlation is that the geometry of both the Work and the Reference models must be sufficiently similar so that during correlation the software can perform node matching between the two models. Then the CORRELATION feature in FEMAP should be able to perform node matching between models with dissimilar meshes. For example, one model can have 2D shell elements while the other can have trace elements or beam elements. Please ...

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: FEMAP animation frame capture


Hi Blas,


Thank you again for the insightful response. So it appears the short answer is that there is no method as quick as stop animation frame, ctrl + shift + c, but there are methods to output similar frames from two different models via saving a GIF frame series.


It would be awesome in FEMAP had fully functional test correlation and model update tools. I have used FEMTools in the past to perform such work (MAC comparisons & model tuning mostly). I suspect this is a buisness decision on the part of Siemens (to exclude this functionality from FEMAP). If this was a feature of FEMAP, they take market share away from another one of their product lines (NX CAE). It is indeed frustraiting when the business case starts to limit software development... Maybe someday we will have those features in FEMAP.


Thanks again,