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FEMAP - logfile


I am a starter of FEMAP. During "Analyze" after modelling and meshing, I got a message as "Unable to open C;\.\.\ logfile for reading. Please check file manually and confirm licensing.". Then I made a serach in my computer and can not find the xyz.log file. What should I do?


Re: FEMAP - logfile

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Dear TW,

From the distance (without having remote control of your local computer and see what really happens) for me the souce problem is located in the SDIR variable of NX NASTRAN: either do not exist, or if the PATH exist you do not have wrtitten permission to write the LOG file.


The SDIR Keyword is used to set the directory for temporary scratch files produced by NX Nastran. It is critical for the performance of NX Nastran that it points to a local scratch drive with plenty of disk space. For FEMAP & NX Nastran you can set the “sdir” keyword in the NX Nastran configuration file (nastran.rc on Linux, nastX.rcf on Windows, being X ythe version of nastran) located in the "<FEMAP-installation-directoy>\nastran\conf", edit the file with NOTEPAD.EXE and enter a valid PATH for the SDIR variable, the one I run is the following:


NX NASTRAN Configuration File

It is recommended that you disable virus checking for the scratch directory to improve the performance of the NX Nastran solution.

To learn more please visit my block in the following address:


Best regards,




Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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