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Femap spring compression

Hello there fellow users,


Im working on different springs and I need to evaluate the force required to compress each one completely.


Is there a way to make each loop stop when they hit the platform under the spring ? In other words, make a rigid contact between both elements so when I apply the load the spring would not go through the platform.


It should even be possible without any platform but I have tried a lot of thing without any result...


Thank you in advance,

Best regards,








Accepted by topic author patrice1
‎04-03-2017 02:55 PM

Re: Femap spring compression

Dear Patrice,

Its is very easy: simply use CGAP node-to-node contact elements. You will need to define a different CGAP property for each CGAP elements in function of its length, ie, iniTial GAP.


To generate automatically the CGAP elements use command MESH > CONNECT > CLOSEST LINK and activate the option ADJUST LENGTH, this way FEMAP will write different properties for each CGAP element in function of its original distance, ie, initial gap.


Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: Femap spring compression



Sorry to bother you again,  


Thanks a lot for your reply it seems to work,


But It looks like the spring cant be compress totally (the loops doesn't touch the platform) even when I put a stronger force on top of my model. Do you have any idea why ? The ground has a force on it too which is pretty weird. Gap as contact is checked in my analyse library.


The link represent the maximum deformation that I'm able to get.


Thanks a lot for your time,











Re: Femap spring compression

This is a different picture where I took out the hole in my model.