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Fundamental question about reflect command

Thought I had a good understanding of reflect command but it seems some doubts still linger.


Trying to relfect a surface. I created a test surface of size 10 in X 10 in in XY Plane. Now I want to reflect the surface 20" along +Z direction.


I always select Methods -> Components.



My understanding of the above diaglog is as follows. The base tell Femap where to start the plane with and Vector tells it where to end or set the plane. In the above diaglog box, I am telling Femap to start at [0, 0, 0] and move positive 10 units in Z direction and place the reflection plane.


But Femap places the plane at [0,0,0] as shown above and I am getting multiple copies of the surface at its original location.


Is my understand wrong? The above methodology has worked in the past, especially when reflecting elements. Admittely, I seldomely use reflect for geometrical entities...would appreciate clarity.


Re: Fundamental question about reflect command

I believe you misunderstand what this dialog is asking for.  From the documentation, this dialog is defining a plane like this...

The "Base" contains the coordinates of a point on the plane you are reflecting about and the "Vector" contains the components of a vector normal to the plane.  So in your case, you are reflecting about a plane thru the origin that is a Global XY plane. I'm not totally clear on what you expect to happen, but I would say that you either want the "Base" at (0,0,10)... or (0,0,5) if you expect the reflected copy to come out at Z=10.

Re: Fundamental question about reflect command

Thanks grudy sir for the response.


Which document contains explanation on how the dialog works? I searched Femap commands manual but was unable to find it there. Will go through the document again later today....

Re: Fundamental question about reflect command

It isn't so much how the command works as it is how the dialog works. FEMAP uses a standard set of dialog boxes any time you need to specify a coordinate, vector or plane. Those dialogs are explained in the User Guide in the various 4.3.X chapters ... in particular the Plane Definition dialogs are in Chapter 4.3.4.