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How can I merge these faces?

Noramlly, I can merge faces with a nonmanifold add and then by deleting kurves. However, on this particular set of faces (see attached model) I cannot. Is there some kind of dependency on this face that is blocking my progress?





Re: How can I merge these faces?

Using GEOMETRY > SOLID > CLEANUP in next FEMAP V11.3 it will remove automatically the offending face, the advances in geometry idealization capabilities are really impressing!!. Actually with FEMAP V11.2.2 you simple remove (or simply delete) the surface, and extend the inner curve with GEOMETRY > MIDSURFACE > EXTEND command to get rid of the face. Next delete the curves of the edge, pick one by each delete command, and you will get the following model, see picture:


Solid Cleanup
1 Solid(s) Selected...
Solid 5 passes Geometry Checking
Solid Remove Face
1 Surface(s) Selected...
Midsurface Extend
1 Curve(s) Selected...
Delete Curves
1 Curve(s) Selected...
1 Curve(s) Deleted. 0 NonDeletable Curve(s) Skipped.
Delete Curves
1 Curve(s) Selected...
1 Curve(s) Deleted. 0 NonDeletable Curve(s) Skipped.




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Re: How can I merge these faces?

[ Edited ]

Because this is a minor model update, I can't run the solid cleanup - it is too disruptive.

I have rebuilt the face using a boundary surface (manually picking all outer edges). However, now, I cannot use non-manifold add to add it back onto my solid!

Fläche Verbundgeometrie
2 Solid ausgewählt...
Invalid Body after adding Solid 22, it is being skipped

How can I work around this? It is quite unreasonable that this face cannot be added back into the position it originally occupied, so I don't think this error message is correct. Also, I'm not sure what an invalid body even means in the context of a surfaces-only solid.


UPDATE: I changed from "incremental testing" to "full testing" in the non-manifold add dialog and that worked.

Re: How can I merge these faces?

You can do this without disturbing anything else.  Delete that surface and then go <Geometry><Midsurface><Exctend...> and select the three edges.  Choose the Distance option and a value of at least 40.  The void will be filled in.  No need to clean anything up and lose previous work.