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How simulate resonance at a dynamic situation

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Dear Experts,


What I want to now is what happens with resonance in a sled which is decelerated. (see picture for situation)

What I have is a model of the sled and a SOL 103 response simulation file. and measured data from the actual deceleration.

But the point is that I don't now how I can simulate my situation with my deceleration data?

Which step do I need for the right results?


kind regards,


Mark Traas 






simulation situation .jpg


Re: How simulate resonance at a dynamic situation

You need to runa transient analysis, not a vibration analysis.


I would run a transient analysis with a gap element to simulate the actual contact. Then tune the model to match the response curve you got from testing. It shouldn't be hard.


Or, less accurately, (also transient anaylsis) you could constrain the contact point and apply the acceleration load as a time-varying global load. In this case you would want to make sure that the force time history at the constrained point matches recorded data (if you have it). Don't forget to constrain the feet approriatly too, but not in the sliding direction. The only constraint in the sliding direction should be at the contact point.

Re: How simulate resonance at a dynamic situation

Dear Kava,


Thanks for reply.

I make a solution in nx 10 -advanced simulation- and use solution type: SOL 129 Nonlinear Transient Response.(I now that I post a nx 10 problem on this femap forum )

But I don't know how can I make the proper steps in the simulation. because I only have experience with one fem part. On the picture you see two parts but the reason is only problem visualisation. is it better to simulate one or with two parts ? and what kind of steps are need to make then in my simulation?





Re: How simulate resonance at a dynamic situation

If you are using NX 10 and NX CAE, you need to post your question to:

Best Regards,
Chip Fricke
Principal Applications Engineer - Femap Product Development