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How to toggle PARAM OMID on/off in FEMAP


I would like to set PARAM,OMID,YES so that my element stress output is printed in the f06 file in the material coordinate system, but I am unable to find the button to do this in FEMAP.

If there is no button, is there any other way to achieve this.?




Re: How to toggle PARAM OMID on/off in FEMAP

Femap does not support this parameter directly. Any parameter, or other bulk data can be inserted in the "Start Text" box on the Bulk Data Options form in Femap. This text is then stored as part of that Analysis set and is included whenever it is written out.

Re: How to toggle PARAM OMID on/off in FEMAP

There is no button in FEMAP to do this, you can however add it as text in the Analysis Set Manager, and it will then be added to the NASTRAN input file automatically, open your Analysis Set, under "Options", go to the "Bulk Data" options, and double-click the "Not Defined" to bring up the "NASTRAN Bulk Data Options".  You could also "Next" your way through all the options until you get to the Bulk Data ones.  Here, press the "Start Text" button -


And add any text you want to appear in the Bulk Data section of your NASTRAN file -


"OK" your way out.  When you preview this NASTRAN deck, you see that it has been added -


Be very careful when Post-Processing in FEMAP when you have changed the default output orientations for Nastran, especially when using Transformations.  When transforming data, one has to know the data's original coordinate reference, the defaults in FEMAP are set up the same as NASTRAN, i.e. for CQUAD4's, the element X-direction is defined by element diagonal bisector.  If you have imported stresses oriented in the Material system, you will have to let FEMAP know this, and set the "Current Output Orientation" options accordingly.




Re: How to toggle PARAM OMID on/off in FEMAP

Looks like Joe and I were typing at the same time.......

Re: How to toggle PARAM OMID on/off in FEMAP

Thanks for the guidance, that is useful.

Bit intrigued about the warning about results being effected in FEMAP since the documentation clearly states the xdb/op2 are not effected.




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‎12-22-2016 10:47 AM

Re: How to toggle PARAM OMID on/off in FEMAP

FEMAP can read results from the .F06 file.  Years ago, it was the only option, before we supported .op2 and .xdb.