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Kind of transparency problem



I have a problem with the display of my model, I can see all the elements even if they are behind an other one...

The transparency option is off, I don't have coincident nodes or elements, no free edges...


I already try to do a neutral of my model but it didn't solve my problem, I'm having it only with this model (I try to open a new one and it looks ok) and I try to open it on an other computer but the problem still here...


I put a picture of what I see on my screen.


Hope you can help me.




Re: Kind of transparency problem



Wha tdo you have the offset factor and offset units set to in the Graphics Options on the ViewOptions Dialog? See attached.



Re: Kind of transparency problem

Hi Bill,


Thanks for your reply, I have the same options than you and the problem is still here...

I tried to change them a little bit, the display change but it didn't solve the problem.



Re: Kind of transparency problem


I don't think it is transparency as such. I think the element edges are being drawn forward by too much. Is there anything slightly different about the dimensions of the model? Is the model really big or really small? Are you zoomed way in on a small part of a large model?

Can you file a PR with GTAC and send the model with the PR?