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List Entities as Nastran Cards

Is there a way to have Femap list entities in the Nastran card format that will be printed to the *.dat file? For example, if I want to list a node, I would want it to show up like this in the Messages window



GRID    <  ID  ><  CP  ><  X1  ><  X2  ><  X3  ><  CD  ><  PS  >< SEID >
GRID    2       3       1.0     -2.0    3.0             316



Accepted by topic author andyperez
‎05-22-2017 01:00 PM

Re: List Entities as Nastran Cards

Andrew Miller, our former FEMAP co-op wrote an API to do just this, although it utilizes the Data Table instead of the Messages pane.  The script is attached.  You can copy and paste everything into a new API window or change the extension to ".BAS", place the API in your API directory or User Tools directory to run it from there.

Re: List Entities as Nastran Cards

That's perfect! Thanks!