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Multiple Subcases in Frequency Response Run


Is there a way to run multiple subcases in a frequency response run using FEMAP?

I know it is possible using Nastran.


Is it possible to force FEMAP to output all DLOAD/RLOAD2/TABLED2 cards it has stored for the various runs, and then to just edit the case control and submit to it to nastran outside of FEMAP?





There was no reply to a similar question in 2014.


Re: Multiple Subcases in Frequency Response Run

Femap does not support multiple subcases in Frequency response. However, you can always create your own custom case control and include it via start and end text.


Maybe a little more information about the intent of your analysis would help us make suggestions on the best way to accomplish it.


Are you using direct or modal solution?


What is the goal for using mulitple subcases? Apply different loads? Change constraints?

Other changes between subcases?