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Nastran PCOMP for Fabric LayUps


I have a Carbon-Epoxy Laminate which is made of weaved fabric plies. 


The layup config is as follows:




There are a total of 6 plies in the laminate. Each ply is 0.0075 in thick.


How do I model the above in Femap/Nastran PCOMP? I have the material properties & allowables from Carbon-Ep Fabric data sheets. 


I tried to split the fabric in to its respective orientation i.e. (0,90) in to 0 deg ply of half thickness & 90 deg ply of remaining thickness. I get 12 plies each of 0.00375 in by the above method, but when I ask Femap to compute the laminate engineering properties, the modulus values are not matching from Carpet Plot data. 


Would request experienced users to provide some guidance. 




Re: Nastran PCOMP for Fabric LayUps

Try this video. The basics are you create a 2D orthotropic material for your fabric. Then create a layup to define the stack with layer material, direction and thickness. Then create the laminate property to use the layup. Make sure you set the material angle for the elements to match the 0 direction of your material. Layup Modeling%26description=Femap 9.3 - Composite Layup Modeling%26width=648.0%26height=488.0%26fullscreen=false%26autoplay=true%26docType=flv




Re: Nastran PCOMP for Fabric LayUps

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Attached is a workshop from the Femap 101 class on setting up laminates.  You'll need to remove the.txt file extension for the Femap Neutral file.



Best Regards,
Chip Fricke
Principal Applications Engineer - Femap Product Development

Re: Nastran PCOMP for Fabric LayUps

^Thanks for the reply.


I am aware of how to create 2D Orthotropic material, create a lay up, assign material direction and finally PSHELL property. But I have done the above to laminates made of UD tape plies not fabric.


I am sure you are aware, but just to illustrate how a woven composite fabric looks like per my understanding. 


0-90 deg Fabric Ply0-90 deg Fabric Ply WarpAndFill-1

The laminate in question is made of 6 plies. The first ply (from the bottom) conists of the above woven fabric with the warp direction aligned at +45 degrees to the reference axis. The 2nd ply consists of its warp direction aligned parallel (0 degree) to the reference axis and so on. 


The challenge is to represent the above configuration in Femap PCOMP editor. How do I accommodate both +45/-45 orientation in one ply definition? 

Re: Nastran PCOMP for Fabric LayUps


Thanks for the presentation along with neu file. I will check them out and ask any further questions if I have any. 



Re: Nastran PCOMP for Fabric LayUps

The only change required in modeling the fabric is that your 2D orthotropic material properties are different, you will need the material properties for fabric instead of tape from the material supplier.