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Nodal principal stress plot direction and list in data table

Dear all,


I would like to determine a principal stress direction though the thickness of a pressure vessel.


The pressure vessel is modelled with a 1°order brick element and constrained with  axisymmetric constraints.

After the analysis I obtain this plot:


Autodesk Nastran Von Mises resultsAutodesk Nastran Von Mises results

I need to extrapolate the principal stress direction in nodes along the thickness in the major stressed area.

I use arrow contour style but principal stress are oriented along the Global coordinate system  (the reference coordinate system in the various figures).


Principal stress along global coordinate systemPrincipal stress along global coordinate system



I then insered a local coordinate system, oriented with 1 of the axis though the thickness.



Local coordinate SystemLocal coordinate System

And then I selected the new coordinate system:


New Coordinate systemNew Coordinate system





After the definition of new coordinate system, the vector are aligned to these vector, BUT THE VALUE ARE THE SAME.


No stress differenceNo stress difference


I neew to extrapolate (plotting and list in data table, the 6 stress tensor component, to using them in other software.

Can anyone help me?

I attach modfem ad .FNO results.


Best regards