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Number of cores in pre and post processing

Hello all,


I noticed that during pre and post tasks that are CPU hugry (like auto mesher, manipulation of high element count models etc.) only one core is working (I have a dual CPU 12 core machine with hyperthread which gives "24" cores), is it possible to make FEMAP use multiple cores in pre and post operations?




Re: Number of cores in pre and post processing

Dear Assafw,

Current version of FEMAP 11.1.1 is not multi-core, but in the future who knows, heavy tasks like meshing and nonmanifold creation could be programmed to use multiple cores. Please note meshing time cost is nothing compared with solution time of big models, here in solving is where we need to speed solution time as must as possible, using multicores, taking advanced of both GPU/MIC processors, etc..


By the way, new TET mesher of FEMAP V11.1.1 is faster than ever!!. Also, resulting mesh quality of TET elements is better than ever, very good job!.


Best regards,


Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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