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Output Formats for Numbers

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Is there a way to setup Femap (the "dat" input file,...) to define custom numeric format in the output file (f06)?!

For example replacing scientific with decimal numbers, defining decimal places, or creating 1000 separators with comma (,),...


Can it be done via API?!


Thank you!.




Re: Output Formats for Numbers

Femap does not control the format of NX Nastran output in this way, and if there is a way to do it via NX Nastran it will require an expert with a lot more grey hair than me.

The question is why?

Have you considered List | Output | Standard, and List | Output | Use Format, where you can setup output listing formats of your own choice (once the output is either imported or attached to the Femap model)?
There are various ways in which Femap output can be listed or displayed, including via API.

Re: Output Formats for Numbers

Thanks for your reply, I usually open up the "dat" file in a text editor and study that, so I was hoping to find an easy way to setup the format of the output data,... thanks for your suggestion on using output listing format available in Femap, I'll definitely give it a try..