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Problem with reading logfile and licensing

I'm practising since a few days with Femap 10.2 with a 45 days trial license.
All works fine, until I want to analyze the model.

It starts with:
Opening File C:\FEMAPv1021\examples\model001.dat...
2 Coordinate System(s) Translated.
1 Load Set(s) Translated.
1 Constraint Set(s) Translated.
0 Constraint Equation(s) Translated.
1 Property(s) Translated.
1 Material(s) Translated.
13472 Node(s) Translated.
12930 Element(s) Translated.

Then I get an error message:

"Unable to open C:\Femapv1021\examples\model001.log logfile for reading. Please check file manually and confirm licensing"

When I look in the map, there is no logfile at all. I'm sure that Femap has read/write rights in this map.

I think there is a problem with starting up NX-Nastran, with getting a license.

Please advise.


Re: Problem with reading logfile and licensing

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
During an analysis run, FEMAP will monitor NX Nastran's output file (.f06), solution info (.f04) and the regular log file (.log). It appears here that the software cannot open the file for reading, do you have Read/Write permission for the C:\Femapv1021\examples directory?

Mark Sherman
FEMAP Product Development

Re: Problem with reading logfile and licensing

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
There is one other thing to check, during installation, one must create a scratch directory for NX Nastran to use. In the file c:\Femapv1021\nastran\conf\nast7.rcf, the control file for Nastran, you will see a line that tells NX Nastran where the scratch directory is, on my machine, it's


Please look in this file and see where NX Nastran is looking for scratch space, make sure that directory exists, and that you have read/write permission. For anyone reading this that has installed the usual v10.3 that comes with the 45-day trial, this description is similar, but v10.3 uses NX Nastran v8, so the .rcf file would be -


Re: Problem with reading logfile and licensing

Thanks Mark,

Problem solved.
C:\FEMAPv103\nastran\conf\nast8.rcf didn't refer to the right scratch directory.