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Reading PCH files



Is there a simple way to read PCH result files from Nastran with Femap ?


If no, maybe someone has a script to do so ?


Thanks for the help.




Re: Reading PCH files



No FEMAP doesn't deal with pch results. Though lighter than f06, they are less explicit (no column titles nor line difference between real and imag or amplitude/phase).


In some cases you should be able to transform the output in csv format and import it as such.


You can also use the parser for the f06 in the last cbush post as a basis for a pch parser if you really need to import pch results. The "fixedFormat" feature of the feRead option will be very useful for the pch file.

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Reading PCH files

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I've made an API for importing some PCH results (only displacements and stresses in bar and plates without corner values). I attached the file to this message, if someone is interested ... Any comment is welcome of course.


Thanks for the basis @astrium_tls , it was really helpful!



Re: Reading PCH files



I am wondering if is possible to attach PCH files at Femap model. Could you help me?