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Rename output sets

Is there a simple way (e.g. API) to rename multiple output sets to have e.g. the set value as the name?


Re: Rename output sets


This might be it. Then you can add options, like selecting which sets, a default value if there is none, string format of real values...etc


Sub Main

    Dim App As femap.model

    Set App = feFemap()


    Dim os As femap.OutputSet

    Set os = App.feOutputSet


    While os.Next

        If os.Value <> 0 Then

            os.title = Str(os.Value)


        End If


End Sub

Re: Rename output sets

If the model is your own model, then you can "solve" this problem by deleting all the offending output sets, and then reimporting the result file, after having changed File | Preferences -> Interfaces -> Output Set Titles to "0..Standard".  Our experience is that "Standard" is best for auto-naming non-linear and transient analysis, whilst "2..Nastran SUBTITLE" is best for auto-naming multi-case linear analysis.  If you are attaching the results rather than importing the results, then deleting and re-attaching results is simple and fast.