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SOL601,129 - Contact definition

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Concerning SOL601,129. I have a cube sitting on a flat surface. Said cube as an initial velocity moving in the x-direction. Somewhere in front of that cube, I have a gradual bend, similar to an highway exit steel guard. I'm modeling that guard using a 2D rigid surface, and the exterior of the cube as a flexible surface.

I use the default contact algorithm, "constraint function", and define the rigid surface as the fixed target, and the cube surface as the source (contactor) region.


Once collision happen, I would expect the cube to rotate a bit with respect to the contact point while following the bend. However, when the first corner hits the bend, the whole cubes follows in a "sort of" perfect translation. I can't find the right word to explain, the but cube is not "rotating" with respect to the corner in contact with the bend, which I would expect as it goes along the bend.


Am I defining something wrong in the contact definition?


Thanks for the help!



Re: SOL601,129 - Contact definition

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PLM World Member Legend

Have you checked the mass properties of the model?  Maybe the materials have not had the density defined?