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Sol 701. Mesh too distorted

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 Hello all.
The design scheme (sol 701), large deformation elements should occur. The calculation is stopped due to a large distortion of the elements. How to ignore this distortion? I found only one solution coarser mesh elements ...


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Re: Sol 701. Mesh too distorted

In nonlinear analysis the mesh quality should be excellent: totally avoid the use of TET or WEDGE 3-D solid elements, instead use brick CHEXA 8-node elements.

3-D Solid Elements with NX NASTRAN Advanced  Nonlinear ssolver (SOL601)olver

You need to prepare the geometry imprinting arc curves in the circular holes using commands like GEOMETRY > CURVE- FROM SURFACE > OFFSET CURVER/WASHER and PAD, specially in the contact region the 3-D HEX solid elements should have a perfect quality!!, this is the way I run ... use always command TOOLS > CHECK > ELEMENT QUALITY before the analysis, all elements should past the basic quality checks, OK?.


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Re: Sol 701. Mesh too distorted

Thanks for the answer. When the corrected grid (with high quality) settlement comes to an end only if the elements are created large grid, with fine mesh size elements occurs calculation error