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The Future of Femap

Hello All,


My question is not a technical plan, but a perspective. Observing in the last year the rapid development of the Simсenter 3D package with duplication of solvers and functions from the Femap. Is it not planned to stop the development of a Femap in the future as a single package? I very much would not like it. 

If my fears are in vain, then I just want to know what the creators of Femap are working on and when is the next release planned? Smiley Happy
Thank you.



Accepted by topic author Voyager
‎04-11-2017 02:34 PM

Re: The Future of Femap

Please be assured that FEMAP, and its future are alive and well.  At the end of last month, we reached our highest level of sales in the history of FEMAP and Siemens PLM continues to invest in growing the FEMAP team. 


FEMAP v11.4 is almost complete, details will be out soon, but expect to see automatic rigid element updates when using the meshing toolbox, enhancements to charting, including support for complex data and on-the-fly transformations.   We have also redone our data mapping algorithm, speeds are up to 1000x faster for extremely large models.   We have also been working on FEMAP v11.4.1, due out this summer, with a complete modernization of the GUI for our Thermal, Advanced Thermal, and Flow interfaces.  In addition to a new GUI for setting up thermal models, we also worked to add support for the graphical representation of thermal entities in our high performance graphics.


FEMAP v12 is also in works, due out early next year.  The major features there will be in support of NX Nastran and all its new nonlinear features in SOL401, and support for NX Nastran’s new Topology Optimization module.   In addition to these items, we constantly interact with customers and have added a large number of features to streamline the FEA process.  As you state the Simcenter portfolio continues to grow and encompasses a wide array of functionality.  FEMAP, focusing on more FEA mesh-centric workflows, will continue to have a definite place within that portfolio.

Re: The Future of Femap


Thanks for providing an update on Femap's Road map. Excited to experience some of the upcoming newer features of Femap. 


I hope for v12, more flexibility and/or options are provided in post-processing module. Good to hear that v11.4 will be out soon. In fact, I was about to ask that question. Can we expect an April-end release for v11.4?

Re: The Future of Femap

The "resources", text strings and dialog boxes are out for localization right now.  As soon as that is done, we'll put together the installer and be ready to go.  I would guess shipment right at the end of April or early May.

Re: The Future of Femap


Thx for the reply again.


One more question about road map, for v12 and beyond, any plans of adding VCCT, Cohezive Zone Modeling and Delmaination capability for Femap?

Re: The Future of Femap

Thank you Mark for the detailed response. I'm sure Femap has good future because in my opinion it has a special alloy of unique features, allowing very effective to solve various problems. I wish you luck and further success in development. Keep your uniqueness and be the best.



Re: The Future of Femap

=======Posted on behalf of Jan Leuridan and John Miller  ===========

Adding to Mark's reponse, we would like to personally assure you of the importance of FEMAP within the Simcenter Portfolio. Siemens has invested significant resources in this portfolio to assemble the most comprehensive set of analysis tools available. Just like the other components, FEMAP addresses particular needs in the analysis community, and will continue to do so. We are proud of FEMAP’s 25+ year history of providing quality software and supporting Engineers and Analysts around the world, who use Finite Element Analysis to better understand the structural, dynamic, and thermal behavior of their designs.  The Simcenter portfolio will continue to grow and evolve, and FEMAP will continue to have a definite place within that portfolio.


Best regards,

Jan Leuridan  -- Senior Vice President, Simulation and Test Solutions

John Miller – Senior Vice President, Mainstream Engineering

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: The Future of Femap

Hi Mark,

Any word on Femap 11.4 release? Can we get a preview of upcoming newer features in v11.4?

Re: The Future of Femap

The localized resources are not back yet, I'm hearing May 12th or May 19th.  As soon as we get those, we'll build the DVD and get it out.  I'd guess June 1st at this time, it takes a while once the DVD is done to print manuals and start the shipments.  



Re: The Future of Femap

Is it appropriate to comment here? (I work in the field of finite element calculation of ship design )
detail advices as following:
aa) Could femap provide the following post-processing functions, discrete display model attributes, such as thickness?Catch(05-07-18-46-23).jpg
bb) Our model is not too big, about a million degrees of freedom, but the loads is quite a lot, about 100 load case, each carrying about two or three hundred thousand pressures on the plate elements ,, and then the model operation feels very cumbersome, the computer configuration is as follows: Dell 3500 workstation , CPU exon, graphics card qudro 600, memory 12G, operating system win 7 64-bit Chinese. Can femap improve the display of this situation?
cc) external program through the COM link femap, however it can only link to the first open femap model, I read some document explained that it is due to COM technique itself,however, I do some other program secondary development ,eg, AutoCAD, it can link current active AutoCAD through COM?femap can improve this(I known interal API program can link active femap model by feFemap().)